Circular Challenge

From waste stream to scalable product



During the Circular Challenge, a team of young professionals develops a product  based on a residual flow - in 6 weeks time.

​​The Circular Challenge is an intensive six-week process in which multidisciplinary teams of young professionals are challenged by an organization to convert a concrete residual flow into a circular product that is economically profitable and scalable. Of course they won't do this alone: during the challenge they are guided by renowned designers, circular pioneers and financial experts in shaping their concept. At the end of the ride, the teams present a prototype and a business case during a festive finale. Both are scrutinized by a professional jury, after which the winner is announced. After this, BlueCity offers tailor-made guidance: within BlueCity to an independent startup or within the organization in question as a corporate startup.

The Circular Challenge immediately felt professional, an interim step towards something bigger. The feedback and guidance made it possible to take it a step further, to start your own startup. Everybody was willing to help and support, resulting in a great network. In April 2022 we won the Circular Challenge and by May we had already registered as our own startup. It was a great learning experience that provided valuable opportunities.

Marit Scheulderman
Why Knot

I learned a lot during the challenge and even though our project did not win, it still kick started my career. During the challenge I got to know many professionals and circular startups. This network provided me with multiple projects I am working on right now. When you want to build a circular network I would definitely recommend joining!

Gloria Carta
Participant Circular Challenge water edition 2022

Participating in the challenge has sparked my curiosity about the circular world and my contribution towards it.

Participant Circular Challenge second water edition 2022

The Circular Challenge has created a network of individuals that are interested in circularity. It was great meeting so many people with aligning interests.

Participant Circular Challenge second water edition 2022

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Responsible for guiding the participants, the concept and the programming.
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