About BlueCity

BlueCity, exemplary city for the circular and blue economy.





Since 2015, BlueCity has developed from a vacant swimming pool into a circular economy hub for the city and region.

In 2023, BlueCity is a model city for the circular and blue economy and home to 55 entrepreneurs. It is a meeting place for pioneers and enterprising minds, where they develop a framework for action, whether to grow their impact, live a zero waste life, or develop a future-proof material. BlueCity’s mission is to accelerate the transition from the linear to the circular economy through entrepreneurship. More specifically, our dot on the horizon is the blue economy.

From swimming pool to model city

In 2015, the ‘circular economy’ was just a theory, but we decided to take action. Since then, 55 sustainable, circular entrepreneurs have made BlueCity their home, growing their fun innovative ideas into serious, impactful scale-ups.  As a result, this iconic building along the Maas in Rotterdam has been preserved: our circular model city has become a tangible, accessible symbol of the new economy, where knowledge and skills are demonstrated and exchanged.

Visitors and companies from around the world visit us to see how the circular and blue economy is taking shape here. We offer inspiration and, above all, a framework for action during our events and business programs. At BlueCity we prefer action instead of words.

International acceleration through local entrepreneurship

The linear economy does not work: our raw materials are being depleted at the start of the chain and we have to contend with waste at the end of the chain. Production, consumption and waste disposal - this is not feasible in the long term. To live together harmoniously with 10 billion people on this planet, we need to go in search of other solutions. These consist of closing loops and working and living in sync with nature.

By 2050, the Netherlands will have a sustainable, fully circular economy, if the government has anything to say in it. Rotterdam’s ambition is to be circular by 2030. But BlueCity goes one step further: we want to achieve a blue economy. Find out here what this is and how this is different from the circular economy. But the only way we can achieve this circular, blue ambition is by joining forces. Startups and small-scale initiatives show how and, above all, that it is possible. But circular economy requires an effort: in BlueCity we offer circular entrepreneurs (who are just starting out) workspace and a dynamic ecosystem for support. Giving feasible, scalable plans an opportunity to grow and achieve the scope they need to have genuine impact. Together we thus create a circular economy, close loops, and build the city of the future. BlueCity demonstrates on the local level that change is possible and highlights obstacles en route, assisting entrepreneurs from the city and region, with workspaces and production spaces, introducing them to large companies, and working with business partners in the context of programs. 

Generating valuable insights into problems that are associated with this transition, on a greater, international scale. That is how we use local entrepreneurship to accelerate this global transition.

Join us!

Whether you are an individual, a circular entrepreneur, or a corporate, there is always a role and suitable time for you to join BlueCity.