Where economy and ecology meet



Date and time
Thu 28.09.202311:00 - 18:00

€35 - €50

Symbiosis symposium where economy and ecology meet. The annual meeting place for everyone involved in the circular economy. It is a day that gives air, where you step out of your bubble and reflect constructively on your own system, get new ideas about how you can do even better and meet the networks in and around BlueCity.

Together with entrepreneurs, bioneers, designers, partners, investors and our speakers, we examine working with nature. We take the long term as a starting point and compare it to entrepreneurship, climate justice and improving the entire biosphere by acting super-locally. How can we draw inspiration from the generations before and after us? How will the world change if we give nature rights? How do you embed long-term thinking in your company? How can we find new ways of financing to give full opportunity to companies that do business within the planetary boundaries? Can money set up new crafts? In short; how can you as a bionier, established order, thinker, investor and doer contribute to the radical change that is needed?

In a program full of keynotes, deep dives, zoom-outs, tours and tasting sessions, you participate and discover new projects, talk to old acquaintances and new partners and you are guaranteed to go home with a head full of fresh ideas. You can book a ticket with or without lunch.

Rhythm of the day


During the start of Symbiosis, Iddo Drevijn brings you back to the here and now in a surprising way so that you can start a day full of new impressions. So grab some headphones and immerse yourself!

In the plenary morning program we give stage to three inspiring keynote speakers who share their vision of the natural future. Journalist Wouter van Noort (NRC, Future Affairs) will interview the speakers in his own unique way. We are proud to announce that the three Symbioisis keynote speakers have been completed. Climate activist Chautuileo Tranamil will speak about intergenerational thinking and climate justice. Since 2014, entrepreneur and impact investor Wouter Veer has been trying to bridge the gap between the old economy and a new - sustainable, regenerative, inclusive - economy. The new Thinker Laureate Marjan Slob wants to restore connections with more attention to space as a philosopher-plumber.

Dive deep and zoom out

Real change starts with understanding someone else's perspective. In the afternoon program you can immerse yourself in the deep dives and zoom outs; sessions in which various pioneers and institutions share their products, ideas, challenges and requests for help with you, so that you can get started yourself. How can you do business if nature gets rights? What would Rotterdam, or the world as a whole, look like if we saw it as a National Park? How can you find financing for a company that is not based on growth? Choose from the 5 deep dives and 4 zoom outs and get inspiret!

  • Zoom out - Ceremony/ Chautuileo Tranamil
  • Zoom out - Bureau Stadsnatuur en Heijmans/ Designsession Nationaal Park Rotterdam
  • Zoom out - Go on the road/ Iddo Drevijn
  • Deep dive - New financing models/ Sabine Biesheuvel

Don't forget to sign up to one or two of the sessions after Augsut 28 through the ticketlink.

Lunch and networking in the wave pool

Perhaps you came to Symbiosis with an idea or a question. At the information market you will find the entrepreneurs and partners of BlueCity and you can ask your circular business questions. You can be sure that you will find something here you were not even looking for.

You can also just sit there and taste climate-adaptive crops and soil improvers at Het Nieuwe Nassen. Lunch can be reserved in advance. We don't like wasting food.


It's always bubbling in the Lab and the production areas of BlueCity. Here our entrepreneurs pioneer with residual flows, fungi, organisms and yeasts. Join our guides and make a splash in this special ecosystem.